Join the Sunrise

Rise Early

Wake up before the rest of the world and experience the sunrise. There is a beautiful sense of clarity and inspiration that comes with the morning sun. The quiet and peacefulness of the early morning will allow you to gain a new perspective. You will have extra time to think about your day, your week, next month. Changing your routine from time to time is both healthy and keeps your creative juices flowing. In order to be inspired and create, take moments of your week to leave your comfort zone and add something new to your routine. 

This shot was taken when I had just returned from a long backpacking trip through Europe. I decided to wake with the sun and take time to adjust back to my "normal lifestyle". Mornings like this give me the time to reflect and digest all the noise of my life. 

Set a day this week to wake up before anyone else and go for a walk. Let the quiet morning inspire you.

Go out there #spreadyourawesome.