Find Your Freedom


Solitude can be incredibly therapeutic. Lately I’ve dedicated time to thinking, reading and contemplating on the many mysteries of life. However, sometimes the loneliness creeps in and weighs me down. But it’s been in these lonely moments that have challenged my sense of freedom and has provided me with revelations and comforting perspectives of what it is to be truly free.

We live in a world where we have so many options within our social, political and economic realms. It’s natural to think that the more options you have in your life, the more freer you will be and therefore, happier. If we just have more job options, more vacation options, more house buying options we will be freer. Infinite lifestyle options can be a wonderful thing until we start to become afraid of choosing the wrong option. We are scared to commit. And when we stop choosing to commit, we stop living and growing.

I like what J. Phillips writes in his book on interior freedom. He says, “one cannot become free unless one accepts not always being free”.

There are times in our lives where we are dealt unfavorable situations. We did not have the opportunity to choose. But if we learn to embrace these weights of loneliness, heartbreaks, tragedy, anxiety and so forth, we will open up a new and beautiful part of who we are. Creating this new peaceful space in your interior life will unravel a magic and a wonderful sense of true freedom. This will also allow you to open your heart so you can receive unlimited amounts of awesomeness. 

Give yourself the awesomeness you deserve. 

Find your freedom at the end of this February. Tune into your interior and embrace it this week.

When you can, share this new found awesome with the world.