Feel it All

Today, with shaky hands and tears of joy, the Vietnamese woman beside me gave birth on the flight from Saigon to Da Nang, Vietnam. 

Jetstar. Row 5, Seat 6C.

I heard the flight attendant nervously request for any medical physicians to immediately come to the front of the plane. Frozen in awe, excitement and nervousness, I watched a doctor and two nurses miraculously emerge from their seats and move quickly up to where I was sitting. Despite the language barrier, they seamlessly took on the roles needed to smoothly deliver a baby as the plane descended. The Vietnamese flight attendants were magical. It was their swiftness and gentle demeanor that calmed the Vietnamese mother and everyone on the plane.  The doctor and two nurses worked like clockwork knowing exactly what needed to be done. The mother was so brave and strong as she gave all her trust to the medical team. I was so proud to be a part of the rawness and beauty of human nature. A true moment of international love to be celebrated.

As the mother bravely went into labor, I kept my eyes dancing in the fluffy white clouds while I ferociously prayed for this little miracle to arrive safely. Within thirty-five minutes, I heard a hard little cry. A beautiful little Vietnamese baby was born on flight #590. The plane erupted in applause. I scanned the plane to see hundreds of beautiful people smiling and embracing one another as we shared this incredible moment of joy. It was then I looked over to the sweet little Vietnamese mother as she cradled her newborn. I caught her eye. Weakly she smiled at me and peacefully bowed her head.  A moment I will cherish forever.

Ironically enough, the book that I was reading just before take off, opened with a quote from the bible: “To everything there is a season, and a time to every purpose under heaven. A time to be born, and a time to die.”

Well, today was a time for birth all right. The awesome that erupted on the plane today was a magical moment for everyone. I want to thank those that respected the mother and quietly gave the space needed for the medical team.

A photograph or a video will never be able to truly capture the beauty and rawness of all life’s precious moments. So it is in times like this, I ask you to appreciate the moment for what it is. Quietly celebrate the little miracles.        

And, feel it all.