Finishing the Last 20%

Have you ever worked on a project for so long that after a while it seems to swallow you up and it becomes hard to step outside of it or simply finish it and move on?

The TV Show had me sucked in for a while and it was hard to see it with fresh eyes. However, in the last couple of months I was able to step away from it and let my director take the reigns. Finishing tasks has always been always a struggle, and still is :). That last 20% nearly kills me. Anyone else?! However, I’ve been so lucky that I’ve had so many incredible people in my life to tow the line on the homestretch. Without you, I COULD NOT complete the work I do.

Thank you for all your beautiful messages, excitement and celebration of the local goodness we have right here in our community. It feels so darn good to finish something and ship it out the door. But it feels even better when there are people on the receiving end that are so appreciative and grateful. Thank you to everyone that played any role in the execution of FEIST-y. I learned so much and can’t wait for my next opportunity to host another show. 

To a new year, to new purple hair (really happy my mom likes it, thanks @BluntHairStudio) and, TO YOU! To spreading your awesome this year and finishing what you set out to the bitter end. There is an amazing community of people that will help you with the last 20%, I promise. Just ask and you will receive.

Friends, thank you for being in my life.