Claire Bouvier's work is dedicated to the hashtag Spread Your Awesome. She believes that life should be about dedicating moments of your day to creativity and curiosity.

Claire has a background of teaching, music, sports, fashion, design, travel, photography, art directing and creative design. She has dedicated the last ten years to helping women reach their full potential through the arts and entrepreneurship. Her goal is to help thousands of women around the globe become strong women, entrepreneurs and leaders in their communities. 

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Claire Bouvier and Niki Hodgskiss are the co owners of The Loft Girls. The Loft Girls is a mobile fashion boutique operating in Ontario, Canada. The mobile boutique features fashion-forward curated vintage clothing, new custom pieces, and local, handmade items. We believe that simplicity is beautiful, while maintaining that fashion should always be fresh and fun. 


Female Entrepreneurs in Small Towns - Canada

Claire Bouvier is the founder of FEiST Canada

FEiST Canada is building the community for female entrepreneurs in small towns across Canada.



Claire Bouvier's love for people illuminates her photographs. Her energy and love for travel have landed her contracts all over North America, Asia and Europe. 

"...above all Claire's natural and instinctive flair for visual storytelling, make her an invaluable asset to any creative endeavour."  

-Conor Cullen, Head of Communications, Dublin Ireland