Conor Cullen
Head of Communications
Dublin, Ireland

"Claire possesses an effortless ability to put people immediately at ease in her presence and this ensures she always gets the very best from her subjects, which is reflected in her beautiful work to date. Her energy, enthusiasm, and instinctive flair for visual storytelling, make her an invaluable asset to any creative endeavour."


Dr. John Conrad
Associate Dean, School of Business
St. Lawrence College

"What makes Claire stand out as an entrepreneur is her energy and passion to make a difference in our community. She uses her tremendous creativity and collaboration skills to grow her businesses and to develop young entrepreneurs."


Daniel McBride
Marketing Manager
Queens University, Business School

"Claire took the time to get to know each student by having one-on-one meetings and understanding how each student wanted to be portrayed. It was this personal touch that resulted in some truly awesome photos."



Mieke Van Geest
Art Therapist, Professor
St. Lawrence College

"She has a vibrant energy and enthusiasm which she brings to all that she does. The results in her photographic work are very dynamic. She is highly creative and not afraid to take new approaches, yet always eager to learn from others. She connects very well with the people around her."


Michael Patrick Lilly
Film Producer, Owner
Factory Film Studio

Claire demonstrated an enthusiasm for her craft and became an invaluable member of our crew. Her pro-active approach in dealing with the particular needs of our production was handled with poise, grace and diligence far beyond her experience. Claire is truly a team player with a wonderful on-set demeanour. I look forward to working with her again soon!"



Johnathan Sugarman
Professor + Photographer
Sugarman Design

"Claire was a great asset to the project which involved multiple locations, creative decisions, wardrobe changes, styling and lighting assistance. Claire was always attentive and needed very little direction. I have also witnessed the she is a skilled artist of many talents including music, art photography to name a few. I highly recommend Claire for almost any creative project you are working on."