Host Claire Bouvier meets with some of Kingston’s most interesting and eclectic personalities.
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Year: 2019
Genre: Lifestyle
Host: Claire Bouvier

“FEIST-Y” is available on cable and internet with a Bell Canada account.


Episode 1: Rob Gibson

Claire as to overcome her fears of tipping a boat as she goes out for a rowing lesson with Canadian Olympic Medalist, Rob Gibson.


Episode 2: Smitty Kingston

Claire sits down with solo artist Smitty Kingston to discuss his passions for writing, playing, and how his music touched so many when a tragedy struck.


Episode 3: Mackinnon Bros

Claire spends the day with two members of the Mackinnon Bros, a local farm based brewery.


Episode 4: Willy Dog

Claire visits a local business that started with a single hot dog cart and has now grown into an international franchise.


Episode 5 : Dinner Party (Part 1)

Claire gathers some of Kingston’s most successful female entrepreneurs for a dinner party filled with stories of struggle, success and sticking to your values.


Episode 6: Dinner Party (Part 2)

In Part 2 of the Dinner Party, Claire continues the conversation with some of Kingston’s top female entrepreneurs.