Death, heart breaks and others’ misfortunes can take a major toll on our lives.  The sadness and disappointment can make it almost impossible to be motivated to celebrate any of the good things.  Last week was a particularly hard one for me – despite all the wonderful moments.  It’s incredible how easily the sadness and loneliness can creep in and demotivate you.  Weaken you.  It’s hard not to play victim and think that the world has it out for you.

There will be sad times but we do not have to be sad people.  We have a choice to stay sad.  We have a choice do something about it.  I have a wonderful mentor in my life that would always say, “Don’t wait until you feel like doing something.  Do something to change the way you feel”.

So simple yet so hard.  But oh, so effective.  There will be ups and downs and more ups and then downs.  But remember, we are human and we are all in this together.  We’re here to help one another.  Thank you to all the beautiful souls in my life that continue to remind me of this.

Continue to spread your awesome and know that you are truly awesome!