Last night I had the chance to listen to Shari Hughson give a talk on the importance of taking care of ourselves – particularly for female entrepreneurs.  Shari, at the age of 18 built her first business, became a nurse, received her MBA, lived off the land for 7 years, built a multi million dollar business(es), traveled the world and today she is currently inspiring young entrepreneurs at Smith School of Business at Queen’s University for the Master of Management Innovation & Entrepreneurship.  Her talk made me cry, laugh and brought to light so many beautiful parts of being human that we fail to talk about with one another.

The one big take away that I want to share with all of you today is:

  1. Find a place where you are OK
  2. Everything is temporary

We live in a world where there is constant pressure to be way UP on TOP but that’s not realistic or sustainable.  Life is an adventure of big mountains and deep valleys.  If you feel you’ve fallen in that deep valley – don’t push yourself trying to get to the top of the mountain.  Find the flat terrain where you can walk easily and be OK.  It’s OK to be OK.

The extra climb up to the top will only happen when you’re in shape and ready.
(*Disclaimer: I was wheezing quite heavily in this photo)

Everything is temporary.  No matter where you are right now – on the mountain top or in the deep valley – this IS temporary.  Allow this sentiment to liberate you in the tough times and motivate you in the good times.

Friends, be kind to yourself, be kind to your neighbour and continue to Spread Your Awesome.