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How do you Build a Brand from the Ground Up

Kathleen Vollebregt Curtis knows about building brands. It’s literally her job and she’s got three ways for YOU to help build your brand.

  1. Understand your brand and what it stands for
  2. Find your team
  3. Everyone on the team needs to reflect brand values
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How do you take Calculated Risks for a Successful Small Business

HOW DOES SHE DO IT ?!?  Whitney Haynes gives us some advice on taking risks with a small business.

  1. Make a product you would actually buy
  2. Keep setting those goals for yourself, keep pushing and moving your business forward
  3. Use those goals to help with refining you branding
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How do you Build a Tech Start up in a Small Town?

How do you build a Virtual Reality start up in a small town like Kingston Ontario?  Claire Bouvier interviews Julie Driver from ARtefactVR on how she was able to grow her business, get grants and thrive while living in a small city.

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Photographing the Mackinnon Brothers Brewing Calendar in the Streets of Kingston

What does it take to be successful in a farming operation turned local brewery?

  1. Find the shortest pair of jean shorts in your closet and cut at least another inch off.
  2. Have traffic-stopping hair (and don’t be afraid to let it down).
  3. Be ready to work all day long.  Whether it’s in the field, behind the wheel of the delivery truck, or in front of Claire’s camera, these guys know about a 12+ hour work day.
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