Life should be about dedicating moments of your day to creativity and curiosity and I have.  My work is dedicated to the philosophy “Spread Your Awesome”.
With a background in teaching, music, sports, fashion, design, travel, photography, art directing and creative design, I have dedicated the last ten years to helping women reach their full potential through the arts and entrepreneurship.  My goal is to help thousands of women around the globe become strong, entrepreneurs and leaders in their communities.

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Entrepreneurship isn’t easy.  Entrepreneurship for women is down right tough!  As an entrepreneur I know first hand the types of challenges women face on a daily basis.  That’s why I founded FEiST (Female Entrepreneurs in Small Towns).  FEiST gives new and experienced female entrepreneurs a forum to work, share and grow together.  Building a community and paving the way for female entrepreneurs across Canada.
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I want to help you show the world your strength, determination and intelligence through photography and entrepreneurship.

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Photography is my passion!

My love for meeting new people and travel has taken me to photo shoots all over North America, Asia and Europe.
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